April 23, 2021

Exceptional lamb at Barba Yianni

I ordered Barba Yianni’s Ari Psito last week, Greek for sliced roast leg of lamb and was delighted yet again. Growing up, lamb was always this boring meat we would eat at Easter along with cloying mint jelly. Not so at Barba Yianni where the lamb is tender, moist and tasty.

Anas Ihmoud, proprietor of this Lincoln Square Greek restaurant favorite gave me some background information on the delicious meat. Their lamb is not frozen or pre-packaged. The 8 to 12 whole lambs per week that Barba Yianni uses are locally-sourced from Midwest farms and are butchered in-house into the variety of cuts needed for the menu.

Other lamb dinner dishes include the kabobs, baked lamb with rosa marina, braised lamb in a tomato sauce, lamb chops and a leg of lamb sandwich featured at lunch. Who knew you could develop a jones for lamb?

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