March 4, 2021

Those In Power: a Swedish political tv drama

As we enter the home stretch of U.S. presidential campaigning, Those In Power, a six-episode Swedish tv series about women in politics might give us some perspective on the political machinations occurring in other countries, namely Sweden.

Based on a trilogy of bestselling books by Hanne Vibeke Holst, we are introduced to Charlotte Ekeblad, a young woman who is made Minister of Environment in a Social Democrat cabinet that is decidedly older, white and male. Ekeblad’s mentor is an older female party leader named Meyer who is secretly suffering from the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s Disease.

We see Charlotte dealing with backstabbing staff, condescending party members, a husband who is feeling neglected and pesky journalists who examine her every move. Episodes 3 and 4 grippingly deal with a wife-beating man in line for prime minister. The final two episodes focus on Meyer who is campaigning to be the first female prime minister as she deals with an assassination plot on her due to her Jewish heritage. The country is also under threat from a terrorist organization.  Whew!

Along with Borgen,  a Danish political tv series, Those In Power does a fantastic job of showing us that power and politics can be entertaining in any language. If you need to own the series, Amazon has all 6 episodes for $299.99 or you can watch it on MHZ for $7.99 per month.


  1. Elizabeth,

    “Older, white, and male” is good! (so far). I’ll try to catch the program on MHZ???. I suppose google will tell me..

    The kindest of kind regards,


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