April 23, 2021

Poldark on Amazon

I distantly remember hearing about a version of Poldark from the 1970’s, so I wrote this 2015 production off as just a tired retread of something from the past. Good thing that my Amazon Prime membership included free episodes of this adaptation of the Winston Graham novels. These 8 episodes in Season One of Poldark were hugely engaging.

If you like period stories with gorgeous Cornwall scenery and a lush music soundtrack, you may want to put this 2015 Poldark on your watch list. Aidan Turner playing Captain Ross Poldark is your quintessential tall, dark and handsome hero, back from fighting in the American Revolutionary War, on the losing side. He comes home to find his father dead, the family home in shambles and his girlfriend betrothed to his cousin. We see him take up with his red-headed scullery maid, resurrect his father’s copper mine and fend off any number of nemeses.

My only objection is dialogue that is sometimes clunky with exposition, but that’s a small quibble as the sweep of the story takes hold of the viewer. Critical response has been positive enough to warrant a second season. While not as popular of the just-concluded Downton Abbey, this Masterpiece Theater offering deserves some love.

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