April 21, 2021

The Heavy Water War tv series on Netflix and MHZ

Co-op productions between countries are increasing, witnessed by the Norwegian/Danish/British collaboration, The Heavy Water War, now streaming on Netflix and MHZ. The six episode series tells the story of the Norwegian factory that made “heavy water” in the 1940’s, seen from four different angles.

We are introduced to the head of Norsk Hydro trying to keep the company running while appeasing the occupying Germans. We also follow the character of Leif Tronstad who leads a Norwegian team of saboteurs tasked with destroying the “heavy water” operation in Norway. The different perspectives are rounded out with scenes of the saboteurs training at a Scottish camp and of the German scientists racing to complete the bomb.

To be sure, World War II continues to be the topic of several European television programs.

Film buffs will recognize the based-on-history story as being the general plot of The Heroes of Telemark, a 1965 British movie starring Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris.

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