April 23, 2018

Harissa, a Tunisian condiment for the adventuresome palate


If you want to add an exotic taste to your poultry or fish, vegetables or sandwiches, check out harissa, a sauce or paste containing roasted red peppers, hot chili peppers, and spices that may include garlic, coriander seed or caraway mixed into an olive oil base. Other versions may contain lemon juice or cumin.  In Tunisia, harissa is used as a flavoring for couscous or in a chickpea soup served for breakfast.

When I want a variation on huevos rancheros, I use harissa instead of salsa to flavor my eggs. Harissa can also save chicken from being bland. Another recipe suggested mixing a dollop of harissa into butter before you mix it into steamed veggies and couscous.

Mina is the brand that I can recommend, labeled Moroccan Red Pepper Sauce Mild, produced by Casablanca Foods. Mina makes green pepper and spicy versions as well. I found my jar at Whole Foods.


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