April 25, 2018

The Old Man by thriller penman Thomas Perry

Author Thomas Perry has knocked another thriller out of the park with The Old Man. Dan Chase, seems to be a retired man quietly living out his life in Vermont with two big black dogs. Little do the neighbors know that he is being hunted by military intelligence operatives from two countries. Having been accused by the Army of failing to transfer twenty million dollars to insurgents in Libya thirty-some years ago, forces are at play to discover his secret identity, retrieve the funds and eliminate him. This “old man” has kept his mental and physical abilities razor sharp as he eludes his pursuers and keeps those around him from harm.
Perry writes with muscular clarity and an urgency that pulls the reader from chapter to chapter.
Despite having worked as a park maintenance man, a commercial fisherman, a university administrator and teacher plus been a writer and producer for prime time network television shows, Perry has had time to write 23 novels. Winner of the coveted Edgar award for The Butcher’s Boy and voted one of NPR’s 100 Killer Thrillers-Best Thrillers Ever for Metzer’s Dog, he also created the Jane Whitefield crime series. Mr. Perry, please keep writing!

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