January 20, 2019

Will and Grace 2017 Reboot

When I first heard that the late 1990s TV sitcom, Will and Grace was being reprised, I was somewhat skeptical. Hearing that all four of the lead actors were on board made me a little more open-minded.

Now that I have seen several episodes, I can say that the reboot has retained some of the delicious humor and the endearing character foibles of the previous incarnation.

Megan Mullaly, Sean Hayes, Eric McCormack and Debra Messing all look pretty fabulous in this belated 9th season. Harry Connick Jr., Bobby Cannavale, Leslie Jordan, Minnie Driver and Molly Shannon, among others, all give welcome reprises of their guest roles this time around.

If anything, the show has demonstrated how far we have come with gay acceptance in the 12 years since Will and Grace wrapped up 8 seasons in 2006. The producers, writers and actors perhaps could not have predicted that gay marriage would be legal and quite common today in 2018.

Politics, class warfare, sexual mores and gay versus straight culture are woven into the current show’s plot lines and dialogue. This is screwball comedy for the 21st century with rapid fire banter and improbably hilarious situations.

When I need a laugh these days, an episode of Will and Grace is just what the comedy doctor orders.

Thursdays, 9 pm on NBC, Hulu

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