July 7, 2020

Truffle Ketchup and Peppery Radish Sprouts

My palate has become a little bored with my very basic cooking, so I have been seeking out some food enhancements. One of my newest discoveries, thanks to chef Carla Hall, is Truffle Hunter Black Truffle Ketchup. A 7-ounce jar of this wonderful stuff arrived in time for a Memorial Day barbecue. Truffle Ketchup has the tart taste of tomatoes with a kick of smoky truffles. I can’t wait to try it with sweet potato fries or hot dogs.

I ordered Truffle Hunter Black Truffle Ketchup from Amazon, but you can go directly to the Truffle Hunter web site which offers other Black Truffle flavored items such as Crisps, Cheddar Cheese, Tagliatelle Pasta and Butter.


Another food item that has added some zing to salads and sandwiches are radish sprouts. My plastic container sports the name Hometown Acres’ Peppery Radish Blend and was purchased in the refrigerated case at a local Chicago produce store, but your locality may have a similar product. Radish sprouts supposedly have up to 40 times the nutrients of fully-grown adult radishes. Funny to think of food from infancy to adulthood, but there you have it.

Based in Carpenterville, IL, Hometown Acres grows a variety of micro greens as sprouts from seedlings. I have previously purchased their crunchy Pea Shoots when I have needed a departure from lettuce and spinach. Hometown Acres also produces Sunflower Shoots and Hemp Microgreens which I look forward to trying.

Hometown Acres does not bill its products as organic, but they use no pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. The products are distributed locally so they are literally delivered hours after harvest.

The web site is a hoot with pithy quotes, nutritional info, musings on the food industry and an invitation to contact Farmer John from the web site.

The tag line under the product title says “Crazy Healthy, Crazy Local, Crazy Fresh.” My kind of company. If you are in the Chicago area, ask for Hometown Acres by name. If you live elsewhere, perhaps you can ask your local produce store to stock locally sourced micro greens.


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