August 8, 2020

Wildflowers Riverside in Chicago

Rather than bemoan the fact I am not going to Italy, Scotland or Norway anytime soon, I have been finding delightful spots around Chicago and environs.

One of my favorite finds is a wildflower trail running along the north branch of the Chicago River from Montrose in Horner Park, on the west bank of the river going south to Irving Park. You can almost forget you are in the city as you revel in the river views while strolling amid natives plants both colorful and green.

At the beginning of the walk is a stone staircase leading down to water’s edge. This would be the perfect spot to launch a kayak or dingy or get a water-level river photo.

A couple of suggestions about when to visit this trail.
It is hot in this dense meadow so you may want to choose early morning or late afternoon for a hike. Likewise, you may want to avoid early evening when the bugs come out en masse. Social-distancing is difficult on the narrow path so you may opt for another time to visit if you see crowds of people entering the trail.

After the river trail deadends at Irving Park due to construction, there is a path that runs along the busy street so you can loop back around into Horner Park.

This walk-about goes on my list of favorite Chicago nature spots. I am slowly but surely checking out the many Chicago River amenities. Anybody want to rent a canoe with me?

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