October 22, 2020

“The American Barbecue Showdown” on Netflix

I thought it might be sacrilege to write about a Netflix barbecue show and “Unorthodox” in the same post. Pork is definitely grilled and eaten on “The American Barbecue Showdown;” meat and dairy are mixed without compunction.

In a format similar to “Top Chef” or many of the other cooking competition shows, “The American Barbecue Showdown” pits contestants against one another in cooking meat, fish and vegetables. They are also tasked with cooking complementary side dishes and designing menus that highlight specific ingredients.

The competitors are sometimes endearing men and woman of different cultural backgrounds and ages who speak with colorful accents and vocabulary. (I myself was rooting for the grandmotherly African-American woman to win the competition.)

If I wanted to torture my vegan brother-in-law, I would tie him down and make him watch this show. For the rest of us, “The American Barbecue Showdown” is a fun casual viewing experience after a day of wrestling with electronica. Let’s get back to pre-historic basics: fire, meat and gathering together for a meal.

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” – Julia Child

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