April 30, 2017

Simone Biles goes gold in the 2016 Olympic Games

Simone Biles has won 5 gold medals in the 2016 Rio Olympic in all-around, vault and artistic floor gymnastics as well as being part of the team called the “final five” which also earned gold.

Biles, 19 years old, was born to a mother who had addictions to drugs and alcohol and could not care for her children. Simone was raised by her grandparents in Spring, Texas and switched to home-schooling for her secondary education so she could train more. She has verbally committed to attending UCLA after the Olympics. Bravo, Simone!

Please enjoy one of her 2016 Olympic artistic gymnastic routines:


Drone-ovic, your tennis buddy

For tennis devotees, check out this high tech invention that is being tested for production.
Using drone technology, the machine drops a tennis ball at an optimal angle so you can practice your serves. The flying gizmo also has a camera so you can record your swing and analyze your form in playback.


Find a Way: the inspiring story of Diana Nyad’s historic swim from Cuba to Florida

While listening to a sports report from Wimbledon, the English world class tennis tournament, I laughed when the voice was identified as none other than Diana Nyad.

Her name is now familiar to me  since I have been immersed in her inspirational book, Find a Way about her historic swim from Cuba to Key West, Florida. Not only can the woman swim like a fish, but she can really write. We learn that she studied comparative literature and can speak several languages so this lady is definitely not just a sports jock.

The book starts with one of her failed attempts at swimming between the U. S. and Cuba and then goes back in time to give the reader a sense of the life she has led. Early in her memoir, we find out that she was sexually molested by her father and her swimming coach when she was a teenager. She also writes about her preference for women as sexual partners. There is nothing titillating in the choice of her words, just simple honesty about the positive and negative events that have shaped her remarkable life.
Her first attempt to swim from Cuba to the U. S. occurred in her 20s and was a failure. We read with euphoria of her completing the 40 year old dream in her 60s.

Supposedly Hillary Clinton tweeted congratulations to the 64-year-old swimmer when she completed swimming through the treacherous waters between Cuba and the U. S.  The former secretary-of-state said that Nyad’s feat outshone her own brushes with “sharks.”

Nyad’s beautifully written memoir profiles someone who is disciplined, focused, courageous and even poetic.

Three cheers for strong women, of any age.